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Induction 2023



All students who have been made an offer at the Cherwell School Sixth Form for entry in September 2023 must complete an induction programme. 

The induction programme is designed to help students confirm whether our Sixth Form is the right fit for them, to test out their subject choices and to test the logistics of their journey, so that they know what to expect in September and how to make the most of the summer to best prepare.

The induction programme is composed of three elements:

By completing the induction programme, students will test and demonstrate their readiness for Sixth Form study. The work will give them an indication of the nature and content of A Level courses, help to ground their knowledge or core skills and allow them to demonstrate their interest to their new subject teachers. 

All communication regarding the induction and enrolment process will be emailed to registered students and parents directly. You can also review main letters from school through the Letters Home page.

If you have any questions regarding induction or your offer of a place, please contact Mrs Tina Surrage, Sixth Form Administrator: 

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