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Supporting students


The Cherwell School welcomes and values all members of the school community in an atmosphere of learning that is friendly, supportive and challenging.


Through our core curriculum, our tutorial programme and our enrichment activities, we aim to motivate and enable students to work hard, value learning as a lifetime activity, involve themselves in the life of the school and of the wider community and, by so doing, to take pride in what they do and gain satisfaction and enjoyment from their achievements

A key feature of our Sixth Form is the strong system of pastoral support and guidance. Though we are a large sixth form, we ensure that each student is well known by staff and valued as an individual. 

As a member of the Sixth Form, each student has the support of a form tutor, with a daily morning tutorial programme to provide pastoral support, advice and guidance. Students are further supported by a specialist Sixth Form team, including a Year Leader, Deputy Year Leader and the Head of Sixth Form.

In Year 12, our tutorial programme focuses on developing students’ organisation and study skills to ensure the groundwork for successful independent learning and wellbeing. We look ahead to post-18 plans, helping students to develop a portfolio of experiences and reflections to set up their next steps. We build strategies for resilience through modelling wellbeing approaches, such as weekly guided private journaling exercises.

In Year 13, we expect students to become more independent in their own personal and academic development, in conversation with their tutors and subject teachers. The tutorial programme guides students through their decisions about next steps and their approaches to their final year of learning, whilst allowing flexibility in a bespoke approach that prioritises their individual readiness and needs. Many of our Year 13 students will also use their tutor times to offer leadership across the school as ‘Cherwell Changemakers’ volunteers and peer mentors.

We encourage all students to be aware of our expectations and to be responsible for their

own learning. Whilst encouraging our students to be independent, we recognise the huge support given by parents and carers. Our aim therefore is to work closely in partnership, informing and including them in all decisions about their child’s progress. Regular Progress Reviews and parents and carers’ briefings provide information about each student’s progress and we strive to work together to provide the best support for every individual.

Our Sixth Form centre has excellent facilities dedicated for Sixth Form use. These include a large study area and a cafe open to Sixth Form students at break and lunch. Students have access to specialist science, art and technology facilities, drama and music studios, ICT network rooms, a nonfiction library and a fiction library. The Sixth Form Centre is open to students for private study and group work before and after the school day, with many students choosing to complete their homework within its supportive learning environment.

We are committed to supporting all students with decisions about their future. Throughout Sixth Form, students will receive a programme covering all aspects of choosing higher education, apprenticeships and employment, with access to specialist support. Our ‘World of Work’ and Beyond Cherwell programme and award are designed to guide and inspire students to consider their options for next steps with ambition, openness and purpose. Designed and delivered alongside leading universities and employers, it enables us to continue our excellent track record supporting students to secure places on the most competitive courses and institutions, nationally and internationally

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