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'World of Work' Days

The world of work is changing. Students will go into jobs in the future that don’t yet exist, solving problems that haven’t yet emerged and answering questions we haven’t yet begun to ask. Whatever their career sector, their work will be interdisciplinary, applying the skills and knowledge they are building now. They will need to be creative and informed, intuitive and strategic, practical and imaginative, collaborative and independent.

Guided by the principle that it is not what you do but what it does to you and what you do with it that matters, our integrated ‘World of Work’ days are designed to provide students with a purposeful, reflective and empowering introduction to the world of work, helping to bridge the gap from school to employment. We know that learning outside the classroom can empower students, unlock their potential and help them to form new links with each other and with new adults. We hope it will inspire new interests, forge new connections and give students the impetus, belief and investment they need to thrive in their A Level studies too. 

What is the ‘World of Work’ day?

For one day, all students in the year come together in school to do a day of work-style placements. The day is led by school but designed with and by employers. Each employer creates a task that mirrors a type of work-based activity within their sector. Students hear about their work, learn the context of the task they have set and then work in small groups to creatively respond to their brief. At the end of the day, students exhibit their work to other students and teachers. 

The Timetable:

8.55am - 9.20am: Introduction and keynote speech
9.20am - 9.55am: ‘Lightning talks’ from employers: three minutes on ‘the sector challenge or opportunity worth thinking hard about in the next twenty years’
10.00am - 11.00am: Guided small-group seminar introducing the set task.
11.00am - 11.20am: Break
11.20am - 2pm: Student group work (with a lunch break at 12.20-1pm)
2pm - 2.45pm: Student exhibition of work
2.45pm - 3.05pm: Closing speech and commendations.

Students can earn a certificate of commendation and there are prizes for creative responses, technical skill and displays of teamwork, communication and initiative. Prizes include a £50 seed fund investment for the group that provides the strongest potential contribution to the day’s theme agenda and matched work placements, mentoring and employer visits for individuals demonstrating outstanding teamwork, independence, communication and initiative.

The 2022/23 ‘World of Work’ Series:

Monday 3 October 2022 - Year 13 - Sustainability and Green Futures
Friday 18 November 2022 - Year 12 - Politics, Society and Not-For-Profit
Tuesday 7 February 2023 - Year 12 - Enterprise
Wednesday 26 April 2023 - Year 12 - Sustainability 

Student Information

Year 13 World of Work - Sustainability and Green Futures (3 October 2022)

Employer Contributions:

If you would like to find out more about supporting a future ‘World of Work’ day or our ‘Beyond Cherwell’ enrichment programme, we’d love to hear from you. We would welcome contributions in any form, from task design, talks, seminars, mentoring, work placements or sponsorship of prizes. Please contact Miss Richer, Head of Sixth Form:

Previous Supporters

We would like to thank the employers who have already supported our ‘World of Work’ days:

19 Beaumont Street Surgery
Dahlberg Consultancy
Global Vision International (GVI)
Lynn Palmer Architects
Oxford Earth Academy
Oxford Environmental Change Institute
Oxford Policy Management
Oxford University Estate Services
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Oxford Wood Recycling
Strutt and Parker
Thames Valley Police
Oxford Ethox Centre
Wytham Woods

We would like to thank the groups who have contributed prizes, donations and grants:

Charity of Thomas Dawson
Low Carbon Oxford North

We would like to thank our keynote speakers:

Sam Barratt, Chief, Youth, Education & Advocacy at UN Environment

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