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Year 13 Independent Study Policy

Request For Dispensation For Home Study



Sixth Form students have timetabled study periods each day. These are ‘free’ slots in their timetable where they are not taught in classes in order for them to complete homework assignments, to consolidate and extend their learning and to prepare for their next steps beyond school, such as UCAS applications. We believe that the best approach for students is to complete their work in school, where they have a defined day, clear parameters, facilities and support from staff and their peers. This is particularly important in Year 12, where students have the additional work of the Extended Project Qualification, where they are forming new connections with their teachers and their classmates and they are developing and refining their study skills beyond their GCSE approaches. We also note the importance of tutor time to set up the day, share important information and provide a regular check-in point for both students and the school. This is especially the case in the autumn term of Year 13, where information about applications for UCAS and apprenticeships is new and time-sensitive. 

Context for dispensation for home study: 

We acknowledge that, in Year 13, some students have honed excellent study approaches and that they can set up their home working environment to make it conducive for private study. In these cases, we invite students and their parents and carers to request dispensation for home study. We would expect that students should be in school for the vast majority of their time, only requesting home study where there is a clear rationale and not for every study period. In most cases, this will be where study periods fall in an extended block (for example, p1-p3).

Where dispensation for home study is granted for period 1, students may be permitted to miss tutor time in that morning. All students are required to be in assembly (now Thursday morning, 8.30am - 8.50am). We have chosen this day for our assembly as most students have a taught lesson during period 1 and our study spaces are therefore quiet to enable effective private study.


Compulsory home study arrangements: 

Before requesting dispensation, you should consider your reasons for wanting to study from home; you should only request it if your rationale is grounded in best possible academic practice for you. 

We require the following home study arrangements to be in place:

  • A regular, scheduled timetable commitment
  • A set alarm and morning wake-up routine that is in keeping with the normal school day (dressed, working in your book and Google Classroom from 8.30am). 
  • ‘On call’ during your school hours to staff, including coming into school as arranged for meetings.
  • A silent working room.
  • A desk or table space, set up for extended work
  • Paper, files, pens and any specialist equipment required for that subject, including IT facilities.
  • Appropriate supervision under the full responsibility of your parent or carer.

Requests for dispensation: 

To request dispensation for home study, you should complete the form (see part 2 of this policy). In the form, you will be asked to state: 

  • The exact timetabled study periods in which you wish to study from home.
  • The arrangements for home study you will make (where you will study, who will monitor and support your routines, how you will ensure that you hold yourself to account). 
  • A contact phone number (your mobile or landline number).
  • Parent or carer consent and confirmation of their support and accountability for your plan.
  • Your understanding that dispensation is not fixed and can be removed at any time, if your study habits or success in your work begin to falter.

Criteria for assessing requests:

All requests for dispensation will be considered by the Year Team and authorised by the Head of Sixth Form. They will consider: 

  • Your attendance, punctuality and behaviour data (C3s and lesson register notes)
  • Your Attitude To Learning (ATL) in your Progress Reviews (PR)
  • Observation of your study habits and conduct in your study periods and the Sixth Form Centre.
  • Feedback from your form tutor and subject teachers

Year 13 Request for Dispensation For Home Study Form 

Year 13 Request for Dispensation For Home Study Form (Example) 


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