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Introduction to Beyond Cherwell

All students in our sixth form have the opportunity to participate in our optional Beyond Cherwell enrichment programme and award. Beyond Cherwell is designed to give students the space and support to connect with other students in different subjects, to explore their own developing interests and to consider options beyond school - whether university, apprenticeships, travel or the workplace.

The programme includes:

  • A weekly after-school seminar, featuring speakers including leading academics and visitors from the world of work.
  • A weekly bulletin of opportunities and activities within school, in Oxford and through virtual links.
  • A themed weekly interdisciplinary challenge that goes beyond the curriculum.
  • Opportunities for individual and small group mentoring for independent projects and academic competitions.
  • The opportunity to publish academic writing and ideas in the student-led Cherwell Journal.
  • International links and trips, such as through our accredited European Parliament Ambassador School programme.
  • Personalised guidance for work experience, careers and university or college applications.
  • Volunteering to support younger students through our peer mentor and ‘ask a student’ schemes.
  • Wellbeing trips and residential visits. 
  • Support with study skills.

Students are encouraged to dip in and out of the Beyond Cherwell programme as they like: they are automatically part of the programme and it is up to them to decide when and how to make best use of it.

Students are encouraged to work towards the Beyond Cherwell award by gaining points for their involvement in activities across three modules: opportunity, responsibility and excellence. We celebrate students’ achievements in our school community and many of our students reflect on their award in their university and job applications 

To see more of our enrichment programme, follow @CherwellEnrich on Twitter.

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