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Why do we have a Dress Code?

Many schools and workplaces that don’t have a uniform have a dress code.
Some dress codes are formal and some are casual. Organisations decide on the
most appropriate code to reflect their image and purpose. People tend to
behave differently and have a different attitude depending on what they wear
and so some items of clothing that are too casual are best left for personal
time as it is not good to have an approach to work or learning that is too
At Cherwell we have a casual dress code for staff and we don’t have a uniform
for students. We like it that members of the school community can show their
individuality through what they wear. We do not want to have a strict or
formal dress code but we do want to have a guide that helps students and
staff decide for themselves what is appropriate to wear in a learning
environment that is focussed on academic success.

Our Code

  • Headwear is only allowed to be worn indoors if it’s for religious or medical reasons.
  • Dangly jewellery should not be worn during practical lessons for safety reasons.
  • Logos or graphics must not be offensive to others. For example swear words or references to illegal activities like drugs or weapons.
  • Tops should be worn at all times and must not be strapless.
  • Tops should not have a low cut neckline so that the chest area is covered and wide armholes that expose the torso are not allowed
  • Tops should be long enough to cover stomach and bottoms should be high enough to cover underwear.
  • All bottoms should be at least in line with your hands when standing upright.
  • There are footwear rules in certain lessons due to health and safety issues. Generally speaking comfortable flat footwear is advised.
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