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Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an established and exciting course that allows students to extend their studies beyond their A Level courses and prepare for university and future careers. Research has shown that students who complete an EPQ achieve better outcomes in their other A Level subjects and in their future higher education. 

The EPQ allows students to embark on a self-directed and self-motivated project. Students choose a topic, plan, research and develop their idea and decide on a ‘finished’ product. The ‘finished product’ can take a variety of forms including:

• A research based written report (5000 words)

• A research based artefact (such as a model, art work or creative piece) with a report (1000 – 5000 words)

The EPQ is a compulsory part of our core curriculum alongside three A Level courses. Many students use the EPQ as a way to ‘test out’ future course ideas, build a specialist portfolio or as a structured outlet to pursue a subject they do not take as an A Level course.

Within school, we support students with EPQ through: 

• Taught research and study skills sessions in groups

• A dedicated supervisor who will monitor and provide advice throughout

• Additional drop in support with EPQ Coordinator

• Access to Project Q, a computer program designed specifically for organising and tracking EPQ work The EPQ is completed in Year 12. Students submit their finished projects at the end of Term 4 (Easter) and present their projects to their peers and EPQ supervisors.


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