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Independent Study

As part of our Sixth Form programme, students in Year 12 and Year 13 have designated independent study periods in their timetable. These study periods are non-directed time in which students complete independent learning tasks, such as set homework, pre-reading and revision activities. Where students have completed their independent learning set by teachers, they are encouraged to use the study periods to read widely, think critically and act creatively through 'super-curricular' activities, such as extension reading, external competitions and activities supporting future progression after school.

In Year 12, study periods are supervised in the school's designated Sixth Form Centre. In Year 13, some students are granted dispensation for home study for some of their independent study periods, though the vast majority of students remain on site working in the supportive environment of the school.

We support students to develop as effective independent learners through guiding their reflections on their learning process in our tutorial programme and our Extended Project Qualification in Year 12. This includes teaching study skills, developing metacognitive awareness and practical tips on planning and prioritising competing demands.

We encourage students and parents to review and discuss our tips for effective independent study.

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