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Tutor Time

In the Cherwell Sixth Form we put great emphasis and value on our tutor programme. In line with the experience up to 16, our students receive valuable pastoral support from their tutor. In a large 6th form we endeavour to ensure that each student is well known by staff and our 6th form tutors offer students this experience, meeting with them every day. Across year 12 and 13 students have tutor sessions where they receive thematically and chronologically relevant guidance and support, access to and engagement with topical and current issues and are kept up to date with school events.  Our goal in tutor time is to enable all to access support and guidance and to instil the value of seizing opportunities for the benefits of community, personal achievement and wellbeing.  
In year 12 our focus is on encouraging and supporting students in their organisation, time management and independent study skills in order to succeed. We also encourage students to look ahead, and start to consider their post 18 plans, such as University, Higher level apprenticeships, jobs and gap years. We will also ensure students are equipped for this stage in their own personal growth and life experiences, ensuring our guidance on risky behaviours, sexual harassment, racially equality and inclusion is current and timely.

In year 13, we expect students to become more independent in their own development and to be part of an ongoing dialogue with tutors and subject teachers on how to improve and develop and to seek advice as a way to move forward, moving from daily tutor time to a longer, more personalised, weekly session. Tutor sessions give time to investigate future career paths, UCAS and foundations courses to ensure our students have impartial careers guidance. We expect our year 13 students to take an active role as ‘leaders’ as peer listeners, reading co-ordinators (as part of the whole school priority on reading) supporting tutor time across the school. 

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